Wednesday 21 November 2018
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Weird And Scary Creatures You Didn’t Know Existed 2

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The Star-Nosed Mole


Perhaps the most impressive nose in the animal kingdom.The owner of this nose lives underground, in the kingdom of eternal darkness, surrounded by crawling creatures on which it preys.
Eyes and ears here do not matter. A touch – that’s all. This is – the kingdom of star-nosed mole. This unusual animal lives in North America. The weight of Star-nosed mole is less than 0.22 pounds. It lives only about three to four years. This is why it is not surprising that the female Star-nosed mole in this connection gives birth once a year from two to seven cubs.

It is so sensitive that can detect the grains of salt, buried in a pile of sand. Mole (Star-nosed mole is a close relative of the well-known mole) feeds on insects, worms and small fish.Thanks to modern technology we found out that only during one second it feels up to thirty different small objects.

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