Monday 15 October 2018
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Weird And Scary Creatures You Didn’t Know Existed

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A monster from Montauk

Eagle dog

A monster from Montauk (or an “eagle-dog”) is a freaky looking weird creature that was washed ashore in the New-York area, USA. The animal possessing a dinosaur beak made a real fuss in the media provoking people to guess if it was a nature-made beast or a refugee product of the government sponsored animal tasting facility located not far away from the Long Island.

It is strange but noone attempted to examine the corpse of an animal. Only one paleozoologist tried to find out any information studying the only avaialble photo of the freakish creature. Actually he came into one conclusion based on the shape of the teeth and the front paws. He claims that it was a racoon and his strange look can be explained by the body dissolving and damage caused by water.
No matter what is the origin of the freaky beast, it really makes us shiver with disgust while looking at the photo.

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