Monday 15 October 2018
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Unusual Hair Tricks Women Use In Different Countries

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Italian women use the olive or almond oil. It can help make the hair healthy and manageable. You should simply apply it on the hair roots and spread over the entire length using a comb. After some time wash your hair with the shampoo.

almond oil

The different oils together with a few drops of aromatic essential oils are the most popular beauty products for the hair in India. You can use almond, coconut, gingelli and other Eastern nourishing oils.

The majority of Chinese women have thin hair which needs a special care. But they have a powerful secret which helps them to make their hair beautiful and the secret ingredient is the white camellia oil. Chinese women use this oil as a natural moisturizer which makes the hair really soft.

chinese girl with beautiful hair and camellia

Spanish women rinse their hair in the brew made of queen-apple fruits in order to strengthen the hair and make it shine. Here is a method of preparation: boil three 3 queen-apples (do not remove the rind) in 2 liters of water. Cool it and rinse the hair with this brew after shampooing.

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