Monday 15 October 2018
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The Top 5 Most Luxurious Aircraft in the World

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Aircraft are currently no longer just means of transportation as they used to be initially. These huge machines now turn to be a means of indulgence and luxury as well. Basic amenities are no longer able to satisfy the exquisite taste of modern passengers, so the world famous airline companies had to go an extra mile providing outstanding facilities and services on board of their luxurious planes. Here they are, meet the top 5 of the most chic and luxurious aircrafts one can consider as an option if he wants to travel «big».

Etihad Airlines Diamond Seat Airbus

Etihad Diamond Class
First position fairly belongs to Etihad Airlines Diamond Seat airbus 340-500. Its luxurious interior provides passengers with revolutionary seats which are designed to rotate full 180 degrees. This enables the passengers to meet and have meal with each other in the chic diamond zone of the jet. All seats are equipped with personal screens as well as mood lighting, making the travelling extremely comfortable. Those who are tired of sitting can easily transform their seats into luxurious flat bed with just one touch of the button. Personal integrated mirror, folding table, reading lights are among other numerous conveniences on board. The price of return ticket by this aircraft reaches up to 15,000$.

Gulfstream G-500

Gulfstream G-500
The second place in the list is reserved after the luxury private jet 2005 Gulfstream G-500. It provides extra comfortable leather seats for 14 passengers and was masterfully equipped with several lavatories, a conference table, coffee makers, dishwasher and microwave oven. It also possesses all facilities every house has such as water heater, sink, ice compartments, air conditioner etc. Additional comfort of travelling is achieved by placing on board fax machine, video screens, DVDs, LCD monitors and internet access. One might forget he is on a plane, not in the high class office.

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