Monday 15 October 2018
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The Top 5 Longest Bridges in The World

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2. Tianjin Grand Bridge

The Tianjin Grand Bridge (also located in China) takes the second place among the world longest bridges. The length of this grand bridge is almost 114 km. It took a bit more than two years to build the Tianjin Grand Bridge. It was brought into operation in 2011. Tianjin Grand Bridge connects several key areas of China: Beijing and the urban districts of Tianjin and Langfang.
The bridges have long been one of the main symbols of the city of Tianjin. The Grand Bridge located in the unique place where five major sources of the river Hai-ho converge. A major river port is often called the “sea gate” of Beijing.

3. Bang Na

Bang Na
The Bang Na Expressway, located in the capital of Thailand, is one of the longest and the most amazing bridge constructions all over the world. The construction of the pipeline began in 1995. And it had lasted five years. The official opening of the bridge took place in February 2000. The bridge is 54 km lengthwise and 27.2 m width-wise. There are three traffic paths provided in each direction. More than a billion US dollars was invested into construction of this bridge. For many years, one of the main problems of Bangkok remained serious traffic jams. So, to solve this problem the Government decided to built Bang Na Expressway. The bridge remains popular among motorists despite the fact that you have to pay for the entrance. Drivers feast their eyes on the wonderful views of the city bypassing the tedious traffic jams.

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