Wednesday 21 November 2018
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The Most Shocking Plastic Surgery Changes Of Celebrities

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The passion of Hollywood celebrities to plastic surgery is really amazing. To confirm their status of super stars, they pay fabulous sums to masters of surgery. They say that Hollywood is paradise for plastic surgeons. It is also known that after successful procedures doctors of famous clients become stars too.

They appear on television, they are invited as experts in well-known beauty-editions and they earn as much as their famous clients.
Stars often deny any plastic correction. But it is easy to guess comparing various photos of celebrities. Here is the top list of the most shocking plastic surgery changes of celebrities.

Megan Fox

The star of the film “Transformers” first of all corrected her nose. But she couldn’t stop. Comparing her photos of different years, bloggers came to a conclusion that she inserted implants into cheeks, breast, pumped fillers in lips and did too many experiments with Botox. Now she looks like a wax copy. Her face doesn’t express any emotion.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is an example of the most unsuccessful operations and cosmetology procedures. Problems with her career, alcohol, drugs turned a beautiful young girl into an old woman. Attempts to correct consequences of alcohol parties failed. Plastic surgery even worsened her appearance. It is a pity because Lindsay Lohan was a real bombshell back then.

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