Monday 15 October 2018
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The 9 Best Cycling Apps For iPhone And Android

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Fill That Hole

fill that hole application

Pits and bumps are a headache for every cyclist who actively move around the city every day. Fill That Hole app is designed to help cyclists to not get into an accident and prevent getting into the pits at high speed, that can add with serious problems and injuries. Every passionate cyclist after find a hole on the road can determine its exact location via GPS coordinates and “fill” on a city map. Thus, anyone will be able to view in real time all the marked danger on the road, thereby preventing the risk of accidents and avoiding dangerous areas.



This comprehensive fitness app that uses GPS function of Apple devices to create a variety of different statistics. They greatly help to improve performance of cycling training, because it is possible to record the speed, time and distance traveled. Following an extensive set of different kinds of training and advice of virtual coach, you can achieve a significant improvement in all physical indicators. The application also includes a built-in ads and useful information to the rider. All data and training can be loaded into Strava or other sharing information websites.

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