Monday 15 October 2018
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Stunning Celebrity Weight Loss Changes

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Jennie Garth


Jennie Garth is American actress, the most famous role – Kelly Taylor in the TV series “Beverly Hills 90210”.
“40 years – is the new 30,” – becoming slim and attractive Jennie says. For her, these words are not empty words, because Jenny left in the past 11-year relationship with her ex-husband and now she feels herself like 29 year old woman. After a divorce from Peter Facinelli, a mother of three children decided that losing weight was good not only for her figure, but also for the internal state. In order to lose 30 pounds celebrity began to eat less and move more, also drink plenty of coconut water. Sometimes she does not deprive herself of pleasure to eat her favorite cake.

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger

Hollywood stars are ready for everything for the sake of the glory. But neither the actress lost weight and fullness as often and as quickly as charming and talented Renee Zellweger. For the main role in the movie she twice managed to gain 12 pounds, and then left them easily. Celebrity’s secret of good shape is fruit diet and diuretics. Additionally, she took a lot of laxative. Maybe this method seems strange, but Renee is completely satisfied with the result.

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