Monday 15 October 2018
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Strange Habits of Celebrities

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Madonna and Nicki Minaj: Have Fake British Accents

Nicki Minaj and Madonna are the famous pop stars of our days. Nicki Minaj was born in Jamaica (Little Liverpool) and Madonna was born in Michigan.
Celebrities like the members of Osbourne family live in United States for a long and they have not lost their accents. While Madge spends lots of our time in the United Kingdom then even was married to Englishman. There is no sense.

Nicki Minaj explains her accent like consequence of her nervous. People start jumbling their words or get sweaty, but not Nickie. This is just a way to attend public.

Let us return to NBA players!

Chauncey Billups: eating hamburgers before games; media killer

Chauncey Billups
For media, Billups is hard to deal with. Chauncey before every game close his mouth and shows a stingy face in front of press! Before every match, he eats a hamburger cooked by his mum. Without eating this hamburger before one game, he got zero, so that is some sense of good lucking!

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