Wednesday 21 November 2018
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Strange Habits of Celebrities

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Everyone has his own habits, like biting fingernails down to nothing or even chewing with your wide-open mouth. But celebrities are always in the top of view and have their own strange habits. Let’s look trough their quirks and habits!

Bill Russell: Vomits before his matches

bill russel
Bill had the nastiest habit. He threw up before every important match. Sounds disgusting, right?! This habit makes Bill the first person for ring of strangling!

Michael Jordan: sticks his tongue out, wears shorts of North Carolina

michael jordan
You can say that a lot of players are keen on shorts like MJ, and he is not the exception! But he wears his shorts of North Carolina inside and he really believes that it brings him good luck. He has another more bit strange habit – putting out his tongue. And young players would like to imitate it.

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