Wednesday 21 November 2018
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Office-Appropriate Makeup Tips

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Choosing makeup that is suitable to the corporate world can be quite a challenge to the working woman. Women in the corporate world need to look more than merely decorative – they need to look capable and highly competent. But does this mean that working women need to give up on makeup altogether? Not at all. As a matter of, makeup can be essential to the career of the corporate woman, making a considerable difference to how successful she is at work. There are definite studies that show that a woman who takes the trouble to makeup correctly before going to work is far more likely to win a promotion than a woman who doesn’t.

Now, with that in mind, the secret to making up successfully is actually simple – all a woman need to do is to put on makeup that accentuate her natural looks. This is actually a system that is more successful than makeup that is more self obvious.
So here’s what the corporate woman needs to remember about makeup for the workplace.

Long-lasting Makeup

Firstly, and perhaps most important of all, the makeup that a woman puts on to work should last her through the day. When a woman is at work, it isn’t possible for her to retouch her makeup through the day. So the working woman needs brands of makeup that won’t run or fade in the course of the day.  The brands that you use should be of good enough quality that you don’t have to keep running to a mirror to check that your makeup is still in place and looking fresh. Don’t forget about priming! Professional stylists state that using makeup primer as a base makes an effect on how long it will last.
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