Monday 15 October 2018
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Miley Cyrus Biggest Scandals

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Less people nowadays remember Miley Cyrus as a cute and big-eyed girl who lived a double life as a Miley and Hannah Montana. It seems that today’s life of a star is so full of events that Miley doesn’t need another one. Her tricks, shocking not only her fans, appear in the press regularly. Miley is one of those people that just need to be in the middle of attention every day. And I’m pretty concerned it’s not just because of her stage image, it’s because of her personality. So, what happened to the lovely Hannah Montana girl?

Let’s take a look at Miley’s biggest scandals; her really huge indiscretions, her massive trips into poor judgment as to actions and costuming.

The Last Dance

Miley developed her passion for erotic dancing and obscene movements from a young age. Apparently, the star isn’t ashamed of her habits and shows such explosive behavior not only on stage but also in everyday life. In 2009 photos appeared on a network where Miley in her (apparent) usual manner performed a bold dance.
Later there was a video where the songstress is dancing at a party with 44-year-old Adam Shankman. He was the producer of the «The Last Song», movie Miley was acting in. She made moves on Shankman that can only be characterized as obscene and could serve as lessons for professional strip dancers!

Miley Cyrus

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