Monday 15 October 2018
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How Celebs Spend Christmas

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Christmas is a traditional family holiday. But do all the celebrities follow this rule? The New Year’s holidays are a real crunch time: some are having rest and the others are working. And maybe some stars prefer the club hangouts and the restaurants to the quiet family feasts, Christmas songs and stuffed turkey. When it comes to the celebrating of the Christmas and the New Year, the celebrities do not differ a lot from the ordinary people: they also look forward to the miracles, believe in the fairytales and like to create the real Christmas mood. And as long as we do not know how they are going to celebrate this year, let’s remember how they spent the Christmas in recent years.

The British actress Kate Winslet celebrates Christmas watching movies in the close family circle together with her children. The festive program often includes displaying the fireworks and the Christmas table always has lots of different delicacies.

Jennifer Lawerence Hunger Games

Last year Jennifer Lawrence decided to supplement the treasury of the pleasant memories and visited the children’s hospital in her hometown (Louisville, Kentucky) at Christmas. The actress made a real surprise for the young patients – the Christmas miracle. With a great pleasure she communicated and made photos with the children as well as with the hospital staff. Probably this is a great example of how you can spend the Christmas week.

Curiously enough there are also the stars who do not like Christmas at all. Sting and Ozzy Osbourne confess that this holiday does not bring them happiness; on the contrary they feel fatigue and irritation because of the hustle and bustle during cooking and purchasing gifts.

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