Monday 15 October 2018
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Everybody Lies: 6 Ways to Catch a Lier

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“Everybody lies!” – Doctor House says all the time. Do you agree? Indeed doctor House has unnatural abilites to detect liers, but how to define the lie not in the movie, but in the life? It is really difficult to tell the truth, as we are learning how to lie since early childhood. Don’t ever lessen liers – people often dive into their stories so much they are starting to believe it is actually the truth. They can conveince themselves so hard that noone will ever doubt their words. Moreover, proffessional liers can control their mimics, gestures and voice so it’s becoming too challenging to define the lie.

There are some people with strong intuition skills who can tell you they feel a lie, but unfortunately they can’t explain the methods.
Stiil there are technics to distinguish falsehood. Here are some of them:

Unnatural Behaviour

When you are asking question that person doesn’t want to answer he is feeling uncomfortable, and as a result – his behaviour is changing and becoming unnatural. Lots of people when lying starting to make louder and light -minded voice. E.g the husband was talking to his mistress, when the wife asks him “Whom were you talking to” the husband can answer “to my mistress of course” meaning “Ha-ha, come on, you are suspecting me all the time”. He cannot just say “My collegue called” because he thinks this lie is too obvious, so he chooses the tactics of joking to clear the air.
Also you can often notice people smiling while answering to inconvenient questions to desorient and to weaken “rival”, but if you look closer you can admit that it is a perfunctory smile .
You should think carefully if it is the usual behaviour of the person and only then you can make a decision.

The Veil of Silence

mouth shut
Many people are trying to hidden the truth just escaping the topics. If you feel that the person is hedging, make quick and straight questions. Believe, he/she won’t have time to make up a quick lie. The lier can also use tactics of attacking using such phrases as – “I am not going to tell you anything!”, “You have no right to ask!”, “Why? Don’t you trust me?”, etc.

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