Wednesday 21 November 2018
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The Craziest Amusement Parks around the World

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Traveling around the world we meet new people, see the sights, enjoy ourselves in cafes and restaurants. Every country has special places, where all family members can feel excited and joyful. They are amusement parks. But not every park of this kind can boast extremely crazy rides or unusual experiences. The most popular amusement parks greet lots of tourists from all over the world who can try awesome things by themselves.

Let us introduce you the most popular parks with the craziest activities.

Europa park in German Rust

Is famous for its great choice of rollercoasters. The huge area of the park is divided into 11 theme areas, each of them shows a different country. The lovers of extreme should try Silver Star by Mercedes and Blue Fire by Gazprom.
Those who prefer quiter fun or water splashes will also find a lot of interesting things to do here. In this park you are able to taste dishes from different countries after extreme rides.
europa park

Discovery Cove in Florida

It is a kind of amusement park you hardly expect to see. Here you won’t find rides and shows, being part of the nature is the main show here. In this awesome place you have a chance to swim with dolphins, sharks and tropical fish, relax in calm river, walk through a beautiful park and feed birds there. Everything around you is real! You can spend the whole day here. The park’ s team will supply you with all necessary things: food, drinks, special swim costumes and sun-protecting creme.
discovery cove

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