Wednesday 21 November 2018
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Category: Celebrities

The Most Shocking Plastic Surgery Changes Of Celebrities

The passion of Hollywood celebrities to plastic surgery is really amazing. To confirm their status of super stars, they pay fabulous sums...

Stunning Celebrity Weight Loss Changes

Stars are ordinary people, so nothing human is alien to them. Yielding to a moment of weakness, due to the depression, pregnancy, hormonal...

Brad Pitt tattoo

The Most Weird Tattoos Celebrities Have

It’s not a secret, that Hollywood has a penchant for everything that can be labelled as “stunning”, “remarkable” and...

Hot Celebrity Siblings You Didn’t Know About

Britney Spears & Jamie Lynn Spears Previously, the main sphere of Jamie Lynn Spears activities were youth television series and other...

Mariah Carey feat Justin Bieber

How Celebs Spend Christmas

Christmas is a traditional family holiday. But do all the celebrities follow this rule? The New Year’s holidays are a real crunch...


Strange Habits of Celebrities

Everyone has his own habits, like biting fingernails down to nothing or even chewing with your wide-open mouth. But celebrities are always...