Monday 15 October 2018
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7 Spooky Jobs that will Give You the Creeps

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People choose different occupations by which they earn on living – there’s a great variety of jobs and list of them constantly extends (thanks to development of technologies). Still there are some jobs that will definitely give you the creeps. People who chose such occupations are definitely not faint hearted. These horrible professions existed from the ancient times thus representatives of that kind were not really favored among the people. Here is the list of the top 8 scariest current jobs.


Can you imagine what it’s like to deal with people you are about to kill? This job is one of the most ancient ones; it appeared as soon as the people invented the justice. This profession didn’t disappear anywhere; there are still states and countries that support the capital punishment. On the one hand, the representatives of this profession should be proud of themselves to release society from certain criminals, on the other hand the justice is not always rightful and probably there could be some situations when innocent people are punished.


All known profession for all times which will hardly ever lose the relevance is a grave-digger. No one would want to face every day death of people, seeing everyday reminder of what way his life will come in the end. Also that work takes place on a cemetery – this place isn’t causing the most pleasant associations. Who knows, maybe zombies really exist?


The coroner is one more fear-arousing profession. His activity also connects with dead people – pathologist cuts them to know the reason of their decease. And if the grave-digger can define himself as a Charon following dead to the grave, pathologist has nothing to acquit himself – he cuts to pieces the perfect body created by God. The oppressive silence, deathly blue light and almost total absence of living interlocutors – it’s impossible to sustain it day by day.

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